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Dear Prospective Member:

Join the CoalitionOur Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition (ACIBC) seeks to preserve the strength of the aircraft carrier force and promote the value of the industrial base as a vital part of the nation's overall defense structure. We are advocates for increased congressional funding for carrier programs and for the thousands of American jobs supported by this funding.

Due to your important role as a supplier to the aircraft carrier industry, we invite you to join our membership, which comprises over 400 businesses that supply components and services for U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. By joining the coalition, you will have an opportunity to advance the national discussion on carrier funding and to underscore the importance of carriers to our country’s security and global stability. 

Coalition members receive frequent updates on the challenges and opportunities facing the aircraft carrier industrial base, as well as guidance on how to communicate with Congress and the media.

Additionally, every spring, the ACIBC hosts Action Days, its annual Aircraft Carrier Fly-in in Washington, D.C. Members travel from across the country to the nation’s capitol for briefings on the aircraft carrier program and for personal visits with their members of Congress and staff.

Coalition membership is open to individuals and companies, including aircraft carrier contractors and subcontractors committed to the strength of the aircraft carrier force structure and its industrial base. Coalition activities are voluntary and there is no membership fee. However, members are responsible for the cost of their participation in coalition activities.

To find out more about the coalition, please look through this site or call Steve Bassermann at 202-585-2149 or email him at We look forward to your membership in the coalition.

Best regards,

Rick Giannini
Chair, ACIBC
President & CEO
Milwaukee Valve Company


Darrell Grow
Vice-Chair, ACIBC
Chief Operating Officer
Ammcon Corporation

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