Action Days 2019

More than 230 ACIBC members traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend Action Days 2019 where they met with their Members of Congress. Aircraft carrier suppliers met with more than 120 Members of Congress during the two-day event.

Highlights from the two-day event:

  • 236 ACIBC members were in attendance;
  • 13 Members of Congress from 7 states attended ACIBC’s Congressional Breakfast;
  • 123 Congressional meetings were scheduled; and
  • This great article in USNI News highlighting key quotes from Members of Congress regarding the RCOH of USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)

Action Days 2019 Press Release

Action Days 2019 Presentations:

Newport News Shipbuilding Action Days 2019 Video:

Action Days 2019 Materials:

Action Days 2019 Registered Attendee List

We are also working to secure permission to post additional presentations from Action Days on We will notify you when the presentations have been added to the website.

Action Days 2019 Legislative Priorities

    • Support restoration of the Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) of USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) by authorizing and appropriating $17 million in Advance Procurement funding in FY 2020
      • The decision to cancel the CVN 75 RCOH will reduce the size of the carrier fleet for decades and negatively impact our Navy’s ability to provide aircraft carriers in times of crisis. This decision retires CVN 75 with 25 years of remaining service life, inserts considerable instability into the shipbuilding industrial base, and decreases supplier material and services purchase order values by approximately $350 million. It will also drive significantly higher costs on other Navy shipbuilding and maintenance programs at Newport News Shipbuilding.
    • Support the President’s Budget Request for $1,062 million for Enterprise (CVN 80) and $1,285 million for CVN 81
      • Fully funding the acquisition of Enterprise (CVN 80) and CVN 81 as a two-ship buy will result in more than $4 billion in savings when compared to acquiring the ships on individual contracts. Continuing future aircraft carrier procurement on three- to four- year construction intervals will enable the Navy to achieve and maintain the desired fleet of 12 aircraft carriers and provide stability to the industrial base allowing for continued efficiencies and cost reduction.
    • Support building the 355-Ship & 12-Aircraft Carrier “Navy our Nation Needs”
      • Now, more than any time in the past few decades, our nation needs a strong Navy. The modern Carrier Strike Group (CSG) provides the widest range of offensive and defensive capabilities in a self-contained, highly survivable, and sustainable package.