On Thursday, January 31, the U.S. Navy awarded Newport News Shipbuilding the contract for the aircraft carriers Enterprise (CVN 80) and the yet to be named CVN 81. This is an important step towards returning to a 12-ship aircraft carrier fleet and building the 355-ship Navy our nation needs.

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Congressional Facility ToursCongressional Facility Tours

Member of Congress are touring the manufacturing facilities of suppliers to the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier construction and maintenance program. Learn More »


ACIBC members celebrate Ford’s commissioning, highlight role in constructionACIBC members celebrate Fordís
commissioning, highlight role in construction

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Inofast Manufacturing
Precision Custom Components
PRL, Inc.
Ward Leonard


Carrier Strike Groups: The Formation of Seapower and Power ProjectionCarrier Strike Groups: The Formation of Seapower and Power Projection

The U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group mission is to achieve and sustain air, sea and undersea control, respond to crises, and protect United Statesí interests anywhere, anytime. View infographic »

Multi-Ship Purchase Will Save More Than $1.5 BillionDual-Ship Buy Will Save More Than $2 Billion

A dual-ship buy approach for the U.S. Navyís aircraft carrier fleet will save American taxpayers more than $2 billion. This approach supports thousands of jobs in a supply chain of more than 2,000 companies across 46 states.

USS Abraham Lincoln back in service after major makeoverUSS Abraham Lincoln back in service after major makeover

One of the most recognized ships in the U.S. Navy is ready for service again after a massive overhaul. View video »


The U.S. Navy, President Trump, numerous policy experts, and Members of Congress have called for a 12-aicraft carrier Navy Fleet, and the greatest shipbuilders with close partnership with suppliers from across the U.S. are ready to build 12!.
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